Study Aids

All the information you need on academics, study tools, success in school.


The Ultimate Guide to the GRE

International students preparing to take the GRE have nothing to worry about. That’s because the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) can be conquered with preparation.

How to Pass the TOEFL

Students based outside the United States must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL, before they can begin studying here.

5 Ways to Study Smarter

The key to highly effective studying is focus; keep boundaries between social, entertainment, and academic activities to create more time for all three. Here’s how.

6 Ways to Save While In School

One of the major challenges of education is balancing your studies with your finances. Although most students work or receive loans, it’s difficult to maintain a decent standard of living on a part-time job or borrowed money.


How to Get an F-1 Visa

The process of getting a student visa takes work and time but it’s not as challenging as it may seem—75% of applicants each year receive the F-1 visa for full-time students.


The Modern Student’s Guide to Online Safety

A safe online presence is as important as home security. For international students, online safety is an even greater concern than for their American counterparts.


Other Resources

Financial Advice

Everything you wanted to know about money but were afraid to ask. A collection of resources designed to help you understand the US economy and make better financial decisions.

Working in the U.S.

Whether you’re seeking a career in the US or a part-time campus job, we have advice and insight into the American working experience.

Living in the U.S.

Essential information on housing, life in the United States, family and relationships.