Financial Advice

Everything you wanted to know about money but were afraid to ask. A collection of resources designed to help you understand the US economy and make better financial decisions.


Secured Cards vs Credit Cards

When researching credit cards, international students often confuse the various options; the differences are often baffling to Americans as well.

4 Reasons Every International Student Needs a Credit Card

When international students come to the United States to attend university, finances are always a major concern.

Finding Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Whether you need financial aid to study abroad or not, it’s likely that some is available for a student in your specific situation.

How to Open a US Bank Account

International students should open a US-based bank account as soon as possible upon arriving in the country.


The Truth About the 20% Rule

In matters of credit, everyone has their own way of doing things.


Why You Should Keep Your First Credit Card

So you’ve finally outgrown your first credit card with its tiny spending limit and moved on to a fancy new card—congratulations!


How to Review a Credit Report

International students might be shocked to hear that only 16% of Americans understand their credit reports.


How to Fix an Error on Your Credit Report

According to a recent study in the New York Times, up to 25% of American credit reports contain errors of some kind.


How to Update Personal Information On Your Credit Report

You may be shocked to find that your credit report features outdated personal information.


5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Why is the formula for a good credit score such a mystery?


Are You Credit Invisible?

We’re always reminding international students that having credit isn’t just about buying things.


Other Resources

Working in the U.S.

Whether you’re seeking a career in the US or a part-time campus job, we have advice and insight into the American working experience.

Living in the U.S.

Essential information on housing, life in the United States, family and relationships.

Study Aids

All the information you need on academics, study tools, success in school.