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Share Your Story, Win $100

As you can see, our friend Vikash made his childhood dream come true: he now writes code in the California sun every day. His story is one of many we’ve heard since SelfScore began. Now we want to hear your story — short, long, sad, or happy — it doesn’t matter. What brought you to […]

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Millionaire Founder Fought Major Visa Woes

“Instagram almost didn’t happen, and the U.S.’s convoluted immigration system would have been to blame.” That was nearly the end of the fascinating story of Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram, according to a recent piece by Bloomberg Business. Krieger is a Brazilian native who was studying at Stanford on a student visa after which […]

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20 Lazy Things That Only Students Do

Okay, you’re working hard on your degree. You’ve come a long way to get to a good school…maybe you’ve even traveled halfway across the world. You’re entitled to some laziness. But sometimes…your laziness goes too far. Do any of these sound like you? 17. Spent a half hour searching for a torrent to download a […]

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