About SelfScore

SelfScore is a next generation analytics based consumer finance company that helps deserving but underserved populations gain financial independence through access to credit. We started by connecting international students to fair credit. Now, we are offering fair credit to all students.

The next great wave of immigration has already begun.

SelfScore opens the door of the U.S. financial system for International Students.

Our Mission

US universities are attracting the best minds from around the world to pursue degrees in STEM and business—there are now more than 1M international students studying in the US under F and M visas. Our nation’s motto has evolved from bring us your tired, your hungry, your sick to bring us tomorrow’s doctors, inventors, and CEOs, with two of our top technology companies—Google and Microsoft—currently led by former international students.

Upon graduation, most international students pursue careers in the US and work hard to stay here long-term. And yet financial institutions have been the slowest to respond to this growing population of professional immigrants and their needs. Despite demonstrating promise and responsibility (not to mention a $31 billion annual contribution to the US economy), lenders cling to outdated credit models that hinder their access to student loans or credit cards.

We’re on a mission to help these deserving, but underserved women and men access proper US credit and establish their credit history while they study. The first step was to offer credit cards to international students through a special approval process that goes beyond standard credit scoring. Now, we are offering fair credit to all students.

Our Unique Approach & Proprietary Technology

SelfScore determines international students’ creditworthiness using alternative data like ability to repay and predictive attributes such as education, major, cost of education, source of initial funding, and future employability. Our compliance framework has been developed in kind to meet the most stringent requirements set forth by the law, using enhanced identity verification and consistent lending practices to ensure the utmost safety and legitimacy. Though our practice is sophisticated, our borrowers’ experience is simple and frictionless. The entire process, from sign up through approval to account management, is optimized for any mobile device.

The key difference between SelfScore and other lenders is, as our CEO Kalpesh Kapadia explains: “We are measuring potential, not just risk.” As a former international student who was denied credit himself many years ago, he understands that the return on investment in a promising individual can be invaluable. Once we’ve opened the door for international students to access US credit, we plan to extend that access to other underserved populations that traditional credit credit models tend to ignore.

Our proprietary SelfScore™ rating measure a borrower’s credit potential instead of their history.

We also help you build a credit score through credit education.

Meet the Leadership

Meet the Team

Compliance Director
Head of Marketing Communications
UX Director
Credit Operations Manager
Senior Manager, Business Analytics
Head of Content & Brand Development
Customer Service Specialist
VP Engineering
Front-End Developer
Sr. Software Engineer
Customer Service Specialist
Lead Data Scientist
Software Engineer
Marketing Operations Analyst
Credit Operations Specialist

Board of Directors

Kalpesh Kapadia
CEO & Co-Founder
Theresia Gouw
Founding Partner
Aspect Ventures
Sameer Gandhi
General Partner
Saurabh K. Mittal
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer
Mission Holdings
Blake Modersitzki
Founding Partner
Pelion Venture Partners

Board of Advisors

Mel Lavitt
Board Chairman
GoED, State of Utah
Shailesh J. Mehta
Managing General Partner
Granite Hill Capital Partners
Dr. R. Ravi
Carnegie Mellon University


Institutional investors include Accel, Aspect Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, Fenway Summer Venture Capital, SparkLabs Global Ventures and other investors include seasoned entrepreneurs, senior executives from the likes of Capital One, Deutsche Bank, Google, LinkedIn, Uber, and Airbnb as well general partners of major venture and hedge funds.

Aspect Ventures
Pelion Venture Partners
Fenway Summer Ventures
SparkLabs Global Ventures


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